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As the global business climate changes, so do your corporate travel needs. When international or domestic travel is vital to the success of your business, the last thing your company needs is a travel-related meltdown.




No call centers here!
Dedicated team of experts.
VIP service for all clients.
International upgrades.
24/7 emergency support.




Leverage $3.5B travel spend.
Exclusive discounts.
Automated quality control.
Daily fare review.
International rate desk.




Reduce travel expenses.
Manage unused tickets.
Travel policy design.
Travel policy enforcement.
Online booking adoption.




24/7 Web-based Reporting.
Multi-source data (incl. GDS).
Analyze travel patterns.
Savings negotiations.
Increased productivity.


A major communication strategy for companies is to hold timely meetings. Technology has created many opportunities to hold a meeting on line. Virtual meetings, webinars, etc are good for training.

But what if you are rolling out a new product or just want to add a personalized touch? Nothing replaces the face to face meetings where you get to connect with your employees or customers. It is the time to encourage them and engage them & let them focus on ONE task.

We use a web-based platform to strategically manage your corporate events. We will create a website that showcases your event & we use on-line registration for your attendees. This enhances the registration process and eliminates time spent by your own staff. Being pro-active and on-line, you gain visibility, reduce possible cancellation fees & therefore gain control of the costs.

Meetings do not have to be in big, bland ballrooms. Try a room where 3 “walls” are actually floor-to-ceiling windows, looking out over pristine snow covered mountains. And in the afternoon, you get to snow ski or snowmobile.

That type of meeting will leave a positive impression on the attendees and create a powerful & rewarding experience for the participants and the company.


Employee & Customer Incentive Programs reward exceptional employees and customers for obtaining company goals or milestones.

Travel is an obvious incentive since a group of people get to visit a beautiful place or attend a great event and enjoy themselves for a job well done. But there are other reasons that are not so obvious.

Incentives have long been effective and valuable tools in helping businesses succeed & grow. They are mutually beneficial to both the employee & the customer as well as the company providing the incentive.

By effectively managing & planning these events & investments, organizations can continue to increase loyalty & commitment of their employees & customers while retaining talent.

Incentive travel can come in different forms. It can be as a part of a large group, small group or individual incentives. Incentive trips can be very high end in the most exotic resorts in the world. They can be romantic couple’s trips to Europe, Caribbean Islands, Hawaii or anywhere else in the world. Another high end option is to setup trips to major sporting events such as the Super Bowl, Masters, Final Four or US Open in tennis. They can also be less expensive groups for lower level sales people to all inclusive resorts in Mexico, the Bahamas or to Las Vegas.

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