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A major communication strategy for companies is to hold timely meetings. Technology has created many opportunities to hold a meeting on line. Virtual meetings, webinars, etc are good for training.

But what if you are rolling out a new product or just want to add a personalized touch? Nothing replaces the face to face meetings where you get to connect with your employees or customers. It is the time to encourage them and engage them & let them focus on ONE task.

We use a web-based platform to strategically manage your corporate event.

We will create a website that showcases your event & we use on-line registration for your attendees. This enhances the registration process and eliminates time spent by your own staff. Being pro-active and on-line, you gain visibility, reduce possible cancellation fees & therefore gain control of the costs.

Meetings do not have to be in big, bland ballrooms. Try a room where 3 “walls” are actually floor-to-ceiling windows, looking out over pristine snow covered mountains. And in the afternoon, you get to snow ski or snowmobile.

That type of meeting will leave a positive impression on the attendees and create a powerful & rewarding experience for the participants and the company.