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The reason any company pulls back their support from a line of business is because they aren’t getting the return on investment they want from it.

Translation: It doesn’t meet their profit goals.

Hard to imagine in the case of a large international company like AMEX, but we believe this is the ‘back story’ you haven’t read about.

Business travel today has become very complex in all its twists and turns from flight and seat selection, to the myriad changes those itineraries go through, to charges and fees incurred, to managing used e-tickets, etc. etc.

Inexperienced agents working in large call centers reading standard screen menus rather than calling on their own expertise cannot compete with senior agents having 25+ years of experience, who know the ropes, can problem solve quickly, and work ‘magic’ for their clients.

Such people ARE a big investment, and one that probably didn’t provide the bottom line AMEX wanted based on the profits they generated.

Has anyone out there had any recent experience with call center snafus they would like to share?